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Your partners for performance and safety in refinery and petrochemical processing

In every refinery or petrochemical plant, the fired heaters are the heart of the process. Without your furnaces running properly, your operation will be severely affected, or completely shut down. Your plant will not be generating profit anymore.

Failures can be violent and cause hazards to people and damage to important assets. Opportunity costs for lost production can be huge. Cronholm will diagnose the condition of your fired heaters and give you advice. Our long experience will work in your favor, ensuring trouble free operation.
We use Infrared Thermography in order to obtain an image of our target and temperature measurements. Diagnosis using Infrared Thermography is the only way to get full information about your furnaces during operation. Many things we can see during operation are difficult or impossible to diagnose during a shutdown. It is all done during full operation, through the viewports of the firebox.
Of course, the thermal images are not the only data we rely on! We collect a lot of information in addition to that, in the field and from process data.

Conditions and issues we will detect:

  • Coke buildup and other internal fouling
  • Excessive scale and external fouling
  • Burner problems
  • Flame impingement
  • Imbalanced heating
  • Dry zones in tubes
  • Thermocouple malfunction
  • Tramp air inleakage in the firebox
  • Inleakage of snuffing steam/condensate
  • Afterburn issues
  • Broken tube guides
  • Defective hangers and supports
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